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What Statistic of Mesothelioma Information Is Web Spam?

...A rant about web spam and Mesothelioma information

Re.Journalists promoting Mesothelioma sites...

Can you believe this? Correct me if I'm wrong please!

I found this following statistic on a EZine article that states that amost 80% of all mesothelioma victims have been exposed to asbestos in their daily lives.


I found this statistic outstanding, unbelievable and unfound. Now I am by no means an expert (I simply write this to help promote Mesothelioma fundraisers and other certain channels of Mesothelioma support) but isn’t asbestos (as scientists and medical professionals researched thus far:) the only significant cause of Mesothelioma lung cancer?
Surely that figure should be 100%???? Or 99.99999% for any element of doubt that - one in however many people may have got it by divine intervention!? Hey - Mary fell pregnant remember - the lord giveth and taketh! Could that random made up statistic be more fruitful? It allows a miniscule benefit of the doubt. It is no surprise that only 99% of statistics are made up! (An old one I know)

Does the article writer not take into account those thousands of people living in India? Those who are working in mines? Producing asbestos sheets in a factory production line? Those who have no choice? Would these civilians out number those veterans who served in world war II and various other wars since? I’m not discounting anybody in particular here. Any person suffering from Mesothelioma lung cancer deserves all the support necessary to improve their quality of life. This is not a dig pointing out who is the most unfortunate. It is a dig at people who write articles on a subject that they know nothing about (myself included) who provide false information on the net! And I’ll tell you why I have this huge beef – it is not related to Mesothelioma, but is related to mortality…and the cursed web – my father was in a coma after a heart operation went wrong and he was considered to have an anoxic brain injury of which the French doctor said in broken English “it is the reptilian side of the brain that is operating” – basically they told me that he was a vegetable and was not locked in as the blood flow to the brain was seriously reduced / cut off (they don’t know) for 16 mins! I later managed to get various reactions and basic signals, 98% paralytic forms of communication out of him before his demise. Now it pains me to think that if his recent wife had got the right kind of treatment for him soon then some quality of life could remain.
I get angry at people writing articles out of FICTION to increase companies or professionals online web presence – as in the article link above – which I have no followed and have only posted as an example. This is simply because when these circumstances hit me – I went online to find help out there and the only information I found were ropey blogs with dodgy English, copied content or no authority on the subject (All this said - one search did provide a really good establishment based in the South of England that offered specialist care to act as a stimulus for anoxic injuries). But to wade through so much rubbish - I find it despicable – and frustrating that these people lay down such falsities just so that they can get a “link” or attract advertising from affiliates or companies with a relevant topic base.
Can they not see what effect they are having on people in the world by polluting the web with such…spam?
I hereby state that – it is my mission to only provide information on this blog that is either opinionated, a proven statistic or fact or of significant benefit to the cause represent on Mesothlioma Hindsight.