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Asbestos Resources

The Dangers of Asbestos in Schools.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance which has seen widespread use as a building material throughout the world. It was held in high regard from the 1900's owed to its ease of access combined with its resistance to heat and its ability to insulate. However the use & manufacture of asbestos is now prohibited in the United Kingdom, this is due to the number of health issues that are directly related to exposure to asbestos. Conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening have all been linked to contact with asbestos and generally have a latency period of 15 years & upward before symptoms start to show. Due to these serious conditions workers are able to claim asbestos compensation from the employers who exposed them to this dangerous substance.

During 1950-1985 asbestos was used extensively in the building of schools , hospitals, offices and residential homes. Asbestos can be found in many buildings that was built before the year 2000. This means that a large number of schools and public buildings contain asbestos and failure to undertake the appropriate procedures and risk assessments could result in the detriment of peoples well-being. Approximately 4200 people die per year due to asbestos related illnesses and this results in a large number of asbestosis compensation claims being pursued every year.

Teachers and pupils who venture into schools may unknowingly be at risk of developing a chronic illness. This was proven in 2010 when Hazel MacDonald was diagnosed with mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos whilst she worked at Denbigh Infant School, Bedfordshire which contained the deadly substance. Sadly due to the nature of her condition Mrs MacDonald passed away on the 3rd of March 2012. Mr MacDonald has now taken legal action against the local county council stating that the correct procedures had not been taken to ensure everyone safety.

An investigation of schools in Wales during 2012 showed that 85% of the 1,514 schools in Wales still contained asbestos. In October 900 pupils had to be temporarily moved out of Cwmcarn High School,  Caerphilly after asbestos dust particles were discovered in the air. The risk was said to have been relatively low but buildings still had to be closed and teaching was temporarily transferred to Ebbw Vale College at a cost of 1.5 million pounds.

In 2006 the United Kingdom introduced the Control of Asbestos regulations this includes a section on 'duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic properties'. The United Kingdom Health & Safety Legislation places a Statutory Obligation on the 'duty holders'. This means that any changes that need to be made cannot be delegated, ignored or avoided. The only option is for the 'duty holder' to satisfy the requirements of the Health & Safety regulations.

Inspections have been held in the educational sector by the HSE (Health & Safety Executives) during 2009-2011 to asses if the duty holder has complied with the control of asbestos regulations that had previously been implemented. A 'check-list' regarding asbestos has now been compiled in conjunction with the inspections that took place. The HSE have also published guidance with information on how to manage asbestos in schools and also how to proceed with any removals or repairs needed.

Author Bio; Adam Howard - Atrium Legal
Atrium Legal are specialists in Industrial Disease, helping workers whose health has been affect by their job. This includes many people who are due compensation due to exposure Asbetsos.
We also run a workers health blog with information, advise and facts on many issues that affect workers.

A Place to Find Accredited Asbestos Removal Companies

Asbestos Portal - The Online Resource

Find Asbestos Surveyors and Removal Companies Easily!

Asbestos Portal ( is a specialist asbestos directory and resource

Today I’d like to give a quick shout out to who are developing a specialist online resource dedicated to asbestos information. This website lists a host of asbestos removal companies. The beauty about it is that people can easily browse through a host of recommended and trusted UKAS accredited trade specialists whose companies are fully qualified to safely remove asbestos from houses throughout the UK.

Up until the early 1970s asbestos was used extensively across the United Kingdom and the world as a fire retardant building and insulating material for homes and factories. Many council homes aging 20 years may still contain asbestos materials.
To date, it has been extremely difficult to estimate the actual percentage of affected UK homes in statistical reports.

To gain control over the situation certain responsibilities have been placed on Social landlords. Social landlords are required by law to keep an asbestos register on file for all properties that they own.
This register has to comply with the regulations and should indicate whether or not a building has been surveyed, whether any asbestos has been detected by asbestos surveyors and also whether or not this material has been removed, damaged or sealed in place.

If, through renovation and refurbishment, you disturb certain asbestos types the dust emitted and inhaled can have devastating consequences on your future health and livelihood.

If you are suspicious of any asbestos in your building then simply visit this list of asbestos companies to find your nearest asbestos removal specialist.

Promoting the Awareness of CANCERactive -

A Independent Cancer Support Network & Resource

Seek Support From CANCERactive -


CANCERactive is an independent charity that aims to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer.

CANCERactive believes in empowering people – to understand the possible causes, and to build effective integrated therapy programmes, using well-researched, Complementary and Alternative therapies not merely Orthodox ones – the best of the best.

On the Web Site you will find ‘Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer’: over 2000 pages of information, all written in a user-friendly way.

It’s a magazine on the internet. CancerActive don’t limit their attentions to merely Orthodox therapies like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery, they include fully-evidenced and effective Complementary and Alternative Therapies too. CANCERactive include all the latest information from around the world on everything from Nutritional Supplements that improve the effectiveness of Chemo and Radiotherapy to new treatments that are genuinely working for people in other countries.

CANCERactive's covers extensive a variety of topics and concerns from details on drug side effects to diet therapies that have clinical trials supporting them. CANCERactive frequently discusses the benefits of supplements from herbs to vitamins that can play a proven anti-cancer role, and full coverage of complementary therapies from acupuncture to meditation, from massage to hands-on-healing.

CANCERactive also have overviews on a great many specific and fast emerging cancer treatments like the use of pancreatic enzymes, metabolic typing, energy therapies, Photo-Dynamic Therapy and Ultrasound (HIFU) and on different cancers from Breast to Prostate. CANCERactive add over 50 pages on a monthly basis.

Only recently, the information provided by CANCERactive on certain breast cancers has been described as ‘amazing’ and a recommended resource according to chat users on the two leading US Cancer sites, to quote: ‘with information I didn’t know you could get anywhere’.

CANCERactive take a ‘Precautionary stance’ on cancer prevention, bringing you the latest information on all the factors that have been shown to increase the risks of cancer. This will enable you to cut them out of your life as much as possible, again increasing your personal odds of beating the disease.

Not surprisingly CANCERactive are already the major source of valuable information for Integrated therapies and Cancer Prevention in the UK.

According to the spokespersons at CANCERactive - "the feedback from patients is simply excellent", just as it is for our quarterly magazine icon which goes now into over 400 Hospitals,, Iibraries and cancer centres providing the very latest information, for free, right into the patients’ hands and the hands of others that need to know. CANCERactive aim to be the ‘Patient’s Champion’.

CANCERactive's information on ALL the therapies comes with the backing of research and scientific evidence. CANCERactive give you the Whole Truth - Information you can trust - because CANCERactive have no vested interests, no hidden benefactors, our Trustees and Directors take no financial rewards or incentives. CANCERactive aim to help – Visit: CANCERactive. Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.

Another Ban Asbestos Video Found on Utube in 2009

Interesting Video Relating To The Ban Asbestos Campaign:

View: Asian Ban Asbestos Video,English

What Statistic of Mesothelioma Information Is Web Spam?

...A rant about web spam and Mesothelioma information

Re.Journalists promoting Mesothelioma sites...

Can you believe this? Correct me if I'm wrong please!

I found this following statistic on a EZine article that states that amost 80% of all mesothelioma victims have been exposed to asbestos in their daily lives.


I found this statistic outstanding, unbelievable and unfound. Now I am by no means an expert (I simply write this to help promote Mesothelioma fundraisers and other certain channels of Mesothelioma support) but isn’t asbestos (as scientists and medical professionals researched thus far:) the only significant cause of Mesothelioma lung cancer?
Surely that figure should be 100%???? Or 99.99999% for any element of doubt that - one in however many people may have got it by divine intervention!? Hey - Mary fell pregnant remember - the lord giveth and taketh! Could that random made up statistic be more fruitful? It allows a miniscule benefit of the doubt. It is no surprise that only 99% of statistics are made up! (An old one I know)

Does the article writer not take into account those thousands of people living in India? Those who are working in mines? Producing asbestos sheets in a factory production line? Those who have no choice? Would these civilians out number those veterans who served in world war II and various other wars since? I’m not discounting anybody in particular here. Any person suffering from Mesothelioma lung cancer deserves all the support necessary to improve their quality of life. This is not a dig pointing out who is the most unfortunate. It is a dig at people who write articles on a subject that they know nothing about (myself included) who provide false information on the net! And I’ll tell you why I have this huge beef – it is not related to Mesothelioma, but is related to mortality…and the cursed web – my father was in a coma after a heart operation went wrong and he was considered to have an anoxic brain injury of which the French doctor said in broken English “it is the reptilian side of the brain that is operating” – basically they told me that he was a vegetable and was not locked in as the blood flow to the brain was seriously reduced / cut off (they don’t know) for 16 mins! I later managed to get various reactions and basic signals, 98% paralytic forms of communication out of him before his demise. Now it pains me to think that if his recent wife had got the right kind of treatment for him soon then some quality of life could remain.
I get angry at people writing articles out of FICTION to increase companies or professionals online web presence – as in the article link above – which I have no followed and have only posted as an example. This is simply because when these circumstances hit me – I went online to find help out there and the only information I found were ropey blogs with dodgy English, copied content or no authority on the subject (All this said - one search did provide a really good establishment based in the South of England that offered specialist care to act as a stimulus for anoxic injuries). But to wade through so much rubbish - I find it despicable – and frustrating that these people lay down such falsities just so that they can get a “link” or attract advertising from affiliates or companies with a relevant topic base.
Can they not see what effect they are having on people in the world by polluting the web with such…spam?
I hereby state that – it is my mission to only provide information on this blog that is either opinionated, a proven statistic or fact or of significant benefit to the cause represent on Mesothlioma Hindsight.

Spreading the Word for a Local Mesothelioma Charity...

The June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund

Web Link:
Established - 1997, Registered Charity No.1121784.

Donate to this Mesothelioma charity online:

Offical donations link:

Donate through the charities aid foundation (CAF)

Debating the Harmful Effects of White Asbestos Dust - BBC DOCUMENTARY

BBC News Broadcasts Provides Insight into the Asbestos Mining Trade

BBC News has recently launched a 23 min (approx) documentary to raise awareness about the various asbestos mining companies trading worldwide.

The news feature broadcasts the dangers associated with asbestos exposure,e and highlights the varying opinions of certain professionals working within the asbestos industry. During this broadcast toxicologists, health officials and medical experts all appear to have conflicting views as to exactly how harmful white asbestos dust actually is to the human body.

The BBC Interview Mesothelioma Sufferers

Among these brave Mesothelioma victims is Janice Tompkins. Janice believed that she was exposed during a tour of an asbestos mine. It was discovered later that this was not the case. Janice had been incubating Mesothelioma from many years earlier and is believed to have been exposed to harmful 'blue' or 'brown' asbestos fibres unawares. The television programme illustrates Janice’s predicament, her consultation with the medical institute, and brings to light the reality of her rapid deterioration of health. The BBC team broadcast interesting interviews with Dr Dick Menzies who clearly states during the programme: “Mesothelioma is a rare disease… 3/4 to 4/5 of patients (Mesothelioma patients) have a clear history of exposure to asbestos”.

More than fifty countries worldwide have banned the use of asbestos.

Canada seems to be an exception to this. It is suggested that asbestos is not mined and produced strictly for Canadian usage. The Canadian asbestos trade concentrates on exporting and transporting asbestos products to some of the poorest areas of the world.

Dr Dick Menzies debates the safe use of white asbestos. He seems clearly against current practices and regulations in the industry that govern the "safe transportation" of raw white asbestos products. In contrast to this, speakers and officials from various other countries debate that white asbestos is clearly not the culprit of Mesothelioma, based on scientific evidence, and in fact only brown and blue asbestos fibres are considered dangerous. Dr Menzies expresses his concerns for the future and expects more cases of asbestos related diseases in the next twenty years resulting from white asbestos exposure.

British toxicologist 'Dr John Hoskins' states “I am absolutely convinced that crysotile (white asbestos) is being demonised…I think there is an immeasurably small risk, and immeasurably risk means it cannot be measured; we cannot demonstrate such a risk”

Hoskins goes on to say: “I would believe it (the risk) to be so low as to be unimportant compared to the normal risks of life…”

Dr Hoskins formed these views whilst conducting toxicology reports and studies for the UK Government in the 1980’s.

The BBC 'Dangers in the Dust' documentary delves into political issues associated with the asbestos industry in China, India, Brazil and Canada and is a huge eye opener into why the asbestos mineral is still being mined for asbestos products today, and (reading between the lines) unveils possible reasons why health risks often appear to be disregarded. Worldwide and politically speaking – there is so much to overcome regarding this issue. So called expert opinions are simply too varied on this issue. Business agendas and Government politics prevent worldwide asbestos bans. It would seem that Mesothelioma related deaths will continue in the developing world for the foreseeable future. Mesothelioma Hindsight welcomes your viewpoint on this topic.

To gain a better insight view the documentary online at BBC iPlayer -
View the following link to the inside world of the asbestos industry: Dangers in the Dust
(Only 10 days left of viewing)

The Bob Tolley Fund – Raising Awareness for the Cause

 Awareness of asbestos and asbestos related illnesses is unfortunately still much lower than we would like. I’m hoping to be able to make a difference – even if it has a small impact on just a few people’s lives – by campning and educating people about asbestos and its related topic areas.

I am by no means the only one with this cause – there are thousands of people out there, both online and offline, trying to make a difference to help make a better future for sufferes of asbestos related illness and also to minimise the number of people who are exposed to asbestos and risk developing life-threatening illnesses in the future.

One such group that has caught my eye recently is the Bob Tolley Fund – a charity set up after a father and husband sadly passed away as a result of mesothelioma in 2006. Their aim is similar to many campaigning in this area – to promote awareness and raise funds for mesothelioma and asbestos related diseases.

Bob Tolley fundraisers braving the elements on a sponsored walk

The fund organises fundraising events, such as BBQs, raffles and sponsored walks on a regular basis to help the cause. Mr Tolley’s family had never heard of mesothelioma when he was diagnosed with the disease, the disease was traced back work on gas conversions many years before his diagnosis. After discovering there was no government funding for asbestos related diseases – the group set up the Bob Tolley Fund to help raise money and awareness – with the eventual aim of a cure being found for mesothelioma and other diseases.

It’s groups like this that are helping make a difference. As more and more people begin to club together and set up funds such as this, as has been happening over the last few years, I hope to see our cause make real progress. If are a fan of our cause, please please do add me on Twitter to keep up to date with my news, reports and findings.

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