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Promoting the Awareness of CANCERactive -

A Independent Cancer Support Network & Resource

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CANCERactive is an independent charity that aims to help people increase their personal odds of beating cancer.

CANCERactive believes in empowering people – to understand the possible causes, and to build effective integrated therapy programmes, using well-researched, Complementary and Alternative therapies not merely Orthodox ones – the best of the best.

On the Web Site you will find ‘Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer’: over 2000 pages of information, all written in a user-friendly way.

It’s a magazine on the internet. CancerActive don’t limit their attentions to merely Orthodox therapies like Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery, they include fully-evidenced and effective Complementary and Alternative Therapies too. CANCERactive include all the latest information from around the world on everything from Nutritional Supplements that improve the effectiveness of Chemo and Radiotherapy to new treatments that are genuinely working for people in other countries.

CANCERactive's covers extensive a variety of topics and concerns from details on drug side effects to diet therapies that have clinical trials supporting them. CANCERactive frequently discusses the benefits of supplements from herbs to vitamins that can play a proven anti-cancer role, and full coverage of complementary therapies from acupuncture to meditation, from massage to hands-on-healing.

CANCERactive also have overviews on a great many specific and fast emerging cancer treatments like the use of pancreatic enzymes, metabolic typing, energy therapies, Photo-Dynamic Therapy and Ultrasound (HIFU) and on different cancers from Breast to Prostate. CANCERactive add over 50 pages on a monthly basis.

Only recently, the information provided by CANCERactive on certain breast cancers has been described as ‘amazing’ and a recommended resource according to chat users on the two leading US Cancer sites, to quote: ‘with information I didn’t know you could get anywhere’.

CANCERactive take a ‘Precautionary stance’ on cancer prevention, bringing you the latest information on all the factors that have been shown to increase the risks of cancer. This will enable you to cut them out of your life as much as possible, again increasing your personal odds of beating the disease.

Not surprisingly CANCERactive are already the major source of valuable information for Integrated therapies and Cancer Prevention in the UK.

According to the spokespersons at CANCERactive - "the feedback from patients is simply excellent", just as it is for our quarterly magazine icon which goes now into over 400 Hospitals,, Iibraries and cancer centres providing the very latest information, for free, right into the patients’ hands and the hands of others that need to know. CANCERactive aim to be the ‘Patient’s Champion’.

CANCERactive's information on ALL the therapies comes with the backing of research and scientific evidence. CANCERactive give you the Whole Truth - Information you can trust - because CANCERactive have no vested interests, no hidden benefactors, our Trustees and Directors take no financial rewards or incentives. CANCERactive aim to help – Visit: CANCERactive. Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.